First Timer’s Guide to Bed and Breakfast Etiquette

What appeals to you the most about bed and breakfast? The warm, amiable service is a factor that makes people stay at such facilities when traveling. Unlike in hotels, you will be spending more time with other people who have taken the nearby rooms. You could be staying in someone’s private home, dining with fellow travelers, or sharing common rooms depending on the property you select. If you travel often, you might know that you have to stick to certain etiquette when visiting places. You will have to maintain the etiquette when you are having your meals or while staying in the room. Paying attention to the etiquette is necessary when using a B&B. Here are a few tips to help you have a relaxing stay at a B&B for the first time.

Hosts Need to Know About the Guests

This is an important point that you need to keep in mind when staying at a B&B. Many of the facilities might be tailored to meet the needs of some guests, which is not the case in every inn. Try and understand how the environment of the place is and communicate your need to the hosts before you start staying at the inn. Feel free to tell your hosts about any food allergies, dietary restrictions, special requests, and room preferences beforehand.

You must also know if your room is handicap-accessible when you are traveling with someone who has physical limitations. Check with the hosts if the place is kid and pet friendly when you are traveling with your family. Make sure to inform the innkeepers about your arrival and departure times so that they have your room ready when you reach your destination. Also, keep in mind that you can have a great time at the inn too; if you are celebrating an anniversary or birthday, the host can organize fun events for your family.


Eating Breakfast

The package you pay for includes breakfast apart from the stay. Homely food is another attractive feature of the B&B, and it is a unique experience to have a meal with fellow travelers. It isn’t compulsory to wake up in the morning to have breakfast; you can stay in bed for as long as you want and have a meal from any nearby restaurant. But make sure that you don’t do this when you are staying at a full-service property with a restaurant. Skipping the breakfast to enjoy your vacation the way you want is better done when staying at relatively smaller inns. Also, let them know ahead of time if you will not be taking breakfast the next day since they would be preparing food only for a small group of people, including you.


People are often concerned about losing their room when they become late for check-in. You need not worry about that because you can always contact the hosts and let them know the change in plans or if there has been an unexpected hassle of flight delay or traffic jam. Save the phone number of your hosts and inform them about the delay.